Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hangin' Out - Peace and Love

OK, so I'm waiting for our son to get re-routed on his way home for Christmas and the computer isn't letting me do everything I want to - so our gain - here I am blogging. I was just reading Vacquero Girl's California Cowgirl blog and she was talking about Karma. Good karma - and peopling your world with positive folks. I agree, and she is such a warm, good presence herself that she'll find all sorts of good people. That's what I wish for you - good friends, a healthy family, meaningful (and continuing) work, a little fun and some time to treat yourself too.

I would usually review a book here - and promise I have two (at least) that I'm dying to talk about a little closer to their release dates and a pile of Advance Reader Copies waiting for me. My bookshelves are lined with well known and not so well known kids books. But tonight I am thinking of favorite stories of faith. Faith that God has even the most impossible situations well in hand. Faith in traditions and love. I am thinking of the Book of Ruth and the story of Noah. I often consider God's servant Job. There was Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his own son and Jesus whose whole life and death was an act of faith. So my recommendation today is the Bible - whether the Old Testament or the New. Whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, other, or none of the above. The outline is there for faith in hard times. For ordinary people doing extraordinary things. For looking outside yourself to a greater power - no matter what you call it. Peace this Christmas.