Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Cards for our Veterans

It's late and I'll make a better post tomorrow but I wanted to share this link for sending Holiday Cards to our veterans, wounded soldiers, deployed military and their families. It's one thing to remember them and it's quite another to let them know you do. Please take a minute and send a card, or a big manilla envelope full of cards to the Red Cross's Holiday Mail for Heroes. The link with instructions is on my website (button at top of this page) or go to This is the best way I can think of to kick off the holidays. Merry, Merry .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OK, I've Been Gone and Now I'm Going to Brag a Little

So much for blogging two or three times a week. I've been on the road instead. Gone to Oklahoma (wonderful Encyclomedia Conference), Texas twice, and all over the Puget Sound area. Oh, and there was the quick trip to Oregon too. All since the last blog. So, although I could have figured out how to blog on the road, I left that for next time.

Some nice things have happened for Bull Rider since my last blog. It was selected for the 2010 Texas Lone Star and Tayshas reading lists. Yep, they picked it for both the middle school and high school reading lists. It's nominated for the ALA's Best Books for Young Adults, 2010 and also for a Cybil Award (see their cool widget on this page) in the Middle Grade Category - thanks to Greg Leitich Smith. The book's been getting some buzz from the rodeo community too. Cross your fingers for my next project . . .