Sunday, September 6, 2009

Turning Red and Blue

No not as in commie-socialist - we can talk about that later, but as in, Where in the world did August go? I got a laptop, my first, as I was dragged kicking and screaming (ok, I was so jazzed to decide to finally spend the money for my very own machine - no more borrowing my husband's, sometimes)into the 21st century. But no blogs - even from my August travels to Los Angeles and Whidbey Island.

So why? I joined Twitter. It seems I have so much social networking time and Tweeting is vast and fascinating - although without a smart phone (sound familiar?) it's a little wierd to sit down at midnight and sort through instant messages that were sent out hours ago. It's kind of like eating cold stew. But I love my Twitter page. That counts for something. And nothing hooks me on browsing random web-articles like tweeted links. Tweet Twit. And there's Facebook. And my own book, and the new project, and gosh, real life in there somewhere.

Which brings me to the BLUE part. As in a brand new jeans jacket. My old one disentigrated after about five years of continual wear and one round of patches. I left it in the waste basket on Whidbey Island. Ignoble end, that. And yesterday I bought a new one at a Labor Day sale. It's so cute. You'll have to see it. Soon.