Friday, May 22, 2009

I have to share some photos from Wisconsin. Sorry, I don't have any from all the Chicago gang although it was fun, fun, fun. Got the camera out for the last weekend of the trip. I personally love the one of me with the "Bronze Fonz" on the Milwaukee River in front of a Chinese restaurant. This is especially good since I've actually met Henry Winkler and he kissed my cheek. That's one of the perks of belonging to SCBWI.

This is a great dog running along the beach at Lake Michigan. It was cold. I would have been running too - but I was too cold.

Is this one Wisconsin, or what? Gotta love the Midwest - and I do.

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Vaquerogirl said...

Heyyyy! Send this on to Lynn!
I'll be in Reno on Friday with my hubby ,daughter and grandson. I'll try to bring the laundry basket of stuff we forgot in my truck bed too, if it fits after all the baby stuff is piled in! I'll give you a call, maybe you can come to the Peppermill and have a drink with us!