Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Moment I Almost Missed

I've been walking every morning. So lucky to start my day in one of the most beautiful places I know - my own valley. I really didn't want to go this morning, though, but Ralph, ourbig black lab, was so excited I opened the door and out we went. I was on automatic, slow to wake up. Decided to walk up a side street that I usually skip and a pinto mare began to run right to me. There was something different about her, besides her desire to see me - most horses ignore us (that's me and Ralph). We met at the corral fence. She was eager to be petted or fed or ridden. I didn't do any - she's not my horse - but I did stare. She had the most amazing blue eyes. Stunning. Clear and bright blue. I've never seen a horse with two bright blue eyes before. Look for it in a book. That's where inspiration comes from. Walks you almost didn't take.


Vaquerogirl said...

Aw shucks hunny, go ahead and pet them! No one would mind a soft little pat!
Blue eyes on horses are a funny thing aren't they? I personally do not like a blue eyed horse. BUT- horses with amber or green eys catch my attention every time.
What? Didn't know horses can have amber or green eyes... just go ahead and ask me why...

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

So why? And you know I've seen horses with half blues eyes or one blue eye but never with two. And yes, I've started petting them. I figure no one will mind.