Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bulls and Roses

The smoke cleared out today and we got one of the summer evenings that makes it all worth it. I just spent an hour trimming roses. It was blissful. I feel good. There is nothing like quiet and a cool breeze to lessen my tension. This is the same place where we've battled wild fires, snow drifts, and rising flood waters. Tonight it was heaven. The goats loved it too, since they got all the trimmings in a big pile to munch on.

Intro #4: The Rose Queen - that would be my neighbor who has the most glorious roses around. Mine look spindly and wild next to hers which are lush and tropical. She loves those roses and I'm so glad. We get to enjoy them too. Thanks to good neighbors who keep flowers that we can enjoy from across the fence.

Info #4: The simple life, the roses and breezes are best enjoyed from on foot. I saw this cool website today where you can test the "walkability" of your neighborhood - Of course I didn't even try ours. We live in the country and need to hike eight miles to get to any store except the trailer dealership and a defunct western wear store. But you may be more citified, so give it a try.

Opinion #4: I'm guessing we will all have to figure out how to walk more, bike more, ride a horse, take a bus. It's late in coming, but it's good for us in so many ways. Imagine the neighbors you'll meet and the stories you'll have. Remind me when I complain about gas prices.

Book #4: Ranch life isn't simple and it isn't always idyllic but it's traditional and close to the land. I have to say that my book, Bull Rider, from Margaret K. McElderry, will be available February 24, 2009 according to the Simon and Schuster website You can go there now, search Bull Rider and preorder it. That would be really cool. If you do, let me know and I'll thank you right here. It's a good book - for kids 10 to 14 - but I try my best to write books adults will be interested in too. Enjoy.

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