Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sonatas and Smoke

It's all about expectations. I expect Nevada skies to be blue in the summer. Okay, it can be 101. In the shade. But the sky is blue - right? Not now. We have smoke. Days and days of thick smoke followed by mornings of haze followed by peeks at blue sky, a wind change and more smoke. It's like winter here. No one goes out except for necessities. And just when I'm feeling particularly whiny, I think of the hundreds of thousands of trees that are burning across the mountains creating the smoke. The trees are getting the worst of this. I think of Bambi and how sad it was when he lost his mother. In the summer I expect blue skies, not thoughts of Bambi.

Good stories tie your emotions inextricably to your experiences. Like good music. I can't hear Beethoven's Appassionata without wanting to cry. It's just too beautiful. Get me thinking about that sonata and I prepare to melt. Smoke, sonatas, the feelings that well up unexpectedly, they make me know I'm alive. I don't expect these same feelings from politics.

Intro #3 Clinton Supporter: I went to a meeting for Obama tonight and a woman I've not met before was trying to explain her sadness at Hillary Clinton losing the Democratic Primary. She spoke of her three daughters, her hope and excitement, her devastation that Clinton lost. Obama, she said, did not excite her. No sonatas, no goose bumps. She'll vote for him, but can't smile about it yet. She expects a candidate to move her.

Info #3 Science Daily for July 3, 2008 reports that two California researchers, Fowler and Dawes, have identified genes that affect expectations of voting behavior. People with certain types of the two genes are more likely to be sociable, to trust the system, and to vote. They are also more likely to donate to campaigns, attend rallies, and go to church.

Opinion #3 I guess I'm one of those optimists. I believe in things. I believe my actions matter. I generally like people. Listening to Obama gives me goosebumps.

Books #3 I can't think of any children's books that are specifally about politics although there are many that reflect the politics of the times they address. How about making a list of books you read, say before age twenty, that changed or definitely shifted your view of the world? Any current ones you think must change kids' point of view after they've read them? My number one book on this list is Tistou of the Green Thumbs by Maurice Druon - a book translated from the French that I received as a gift when I was about ten. The story is lovely. A boy uses his gift for growing flowers for social good. This is my hope. To use my gifts for good. See, I'm a melty optomist. If you can find a copy of Tistou, read it. I'll start this new list now, so add your nominations!


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

The Giving Tree

Anonymous said...

Funny... although I like Hillary, she didn't move ME. She felt like a return to the past and Obama felt like a step to the future. Still, if she'd won, I'd have been happy and happily voted for her. I am always amazed when I hear Hillary supporters say they won't be voting for Obama or won't be voting at all. Hopefully they'll get over it by November or we'll end up with 4 more years with a Bush clone.

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Suzy- Did I read in the paper that someone had a house fire on your street? You're okay right?

Also, I realized I have a friend who went to high school with Heidi A. Small world....

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

No fires that I know of - but I haven't been out for a while. We're fine. It is a small world. Miss you. Are you back from the retreat/spa?? Suzy