Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Little Whine

Hi there from blog land. Smoke is gone. I'm tired. Way too much coming at me from way too many directions. On the professional front, this was a good writing day and I hope some of you are cheering me on. I'm totally involved in this new book and thank goodness. I just have to be brutal about getting time to write.

Info #5 In one of my other lives, we are poised for the Nevada SCBWI Novel Immersion Retreat at Lake Tahoe September 19-21 and we have opened applications for our Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program for 2009. Both of these should be fabulous programs. If you are a writer or you have writer friends, check them out at http://www.nevadascbwi.org/.

Opinion #5 As for opinions I have only one. It is hard to set priorities when you are committed to interesting or important things that you are doing. I'm trying, but I'm getting really, really tired.


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

I wish I had words of wisdom for you my friend. Maybe sleep needs to be first on your list. :-) How about follow your heart and all that crap? :-) Or is the problem that your heart is the one that has so many priorities? does it help to say I adore you - no matter what your priorities?
Hang in there!

Vaquerogirl said...

Suzy- It's been aa weird summer fer sure. Maybe the concentration of smoke in the air, the political climate, the death of a beloved friend has 'put you off your feed'. Well join the club dear girl!
We all struggle with ourselves and being writers we don't like it when things mess with our vision of things- sometimes we mess with our own vision!
John Steinbeck once said: " Work is the only good thing." I believe he was right. So weather it is one 'good'word or a string of them, you need to 'keep a'goin'- that's my grannys phrase- knowing that all of us- your peeps- are behind you 100%! And remember that to me personally you are an inspiration...
Now kwitcherbitchin and get back to work!

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Yes, Ma'am and thanks, I needed that. Suzy