Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Three and Still Here

OK - the dog should get walked so often. The sun is out and I need to go outside too. For now, I'm going to be self-indulgent and say - after a long wait, although not so long in publishing time - I'm getting e-mails from friends who are now holding copies of Bull Rider in their hands. I was thinking last night that a lot of fabulous people from critique group to editors to designers to publicity and marketing people to SCBWI buddies spent a lot of time on this book. In the end, it will take a few hours for each person to read. That's like Christmas dinner! And, like that celebration at the end of a season, I hope they relax and savor it and then remember it for a long time. If you love Bull Rider, tell a friend, or loan your book, or ask your local bookstore to carry it. People can't read it if they don't know that it exists. Off to walk the dog. Ralph!!! PS Tomorrow I'm working ALL day. Next post - Sunday (how about a book review??)

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Vaquerogirl said...

Yippee! I'm glad to see you have returned! Waiting for my copy from B&N. They take forever!