Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi there, well this time it's been TWO months and my friend, Terri Farley, tells me I have to blog everyday - like eating breakfast, I suppose. So my new routine should be to walk my dog, blog, and then eat. That would probably do it. I'd have to change my blog name to Walking the Dog and I think I'd like that too. It's been entirely too serious around here and wintry and cold - although precious little rain and we'll all be regretting that come summer.

In two months I HAVE had time to read some books and I'll talk about one right now: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, Tor, 2008. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas and I read half of it while I was home alone and it got too scary for little me and I put it aside until my husband came home, then finished it. This is a chilling book about technology and how it can be used to track our every move - but even more creepy - it's about what our government might be like if it decided to use the "rules" that have been made for the "war on terror" on our own citizens. Or what it might be like to be disappeared by the US, no matter what your citizenship. Little Brother is set in San Francisco which made it all the more real to me since I grew up there. I'm not much of a techno geek but I was able to follow a lot of the technology bits. It was kind of like watching the TV show, Numbers, with an occasional aside - let me tell you how this works. I got lost with the encryption techniques, but by that time I didn't care. I would recommend the book for it's topic. For it's ability to make you think. A good read for anyone over thirteen with a brain.


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Glad you're back. I've been checking and thought you'd given up! Started Bull Rider - loving it!

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

No, I didn't give up. I just let the list of other things get in the way. I also have to figure out how to follow other blogs - like yours. I've got a couple more good books to post about and plenty of activity in the next few weeks. So if I just log on and type, you should be seeing frequent blogs. Can't wait to see you - in March I guess.