Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stacks of Bull Rider Books

OK, I didn't get to it in the morning - but I'm here again. I'm getting very excited about Bull Rider coming out next week. I am speaking at the Nevada Reading Week Conference this weekend with my friend Terri Farley and am busy printing handouts for my breakout sessions. I can't wait to see my first stack of Bull Rider books on their sales tables. I also bought a bunch of cutesy book plates with golden retriever puppies on them so that I can sign bookplates for any friends who come to Asilomar and haven't yet received books that they pre-ordered. If that's you and you have your book, bring it along and I'll sign it. If you haven't bought one yet, I hear there will be some there for sale. Editor Emma must have asked for them. Dinner is ready. Here's to blogging every day and to husbands who will make hamburgers while I blog and answer e-mail and buy airline tickets and print handouts for the weekend. Love to you all.

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