Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Buzz Team at Sundance

I had my first bookstore signing and if you are reading my blog and came by, thanks. It was so fun for me and I know a lot of you met up with friends there too. And thanks to Christine and Dan and the Sundance crew for making it such a lovely day for me. They still have some signed copies, so if you missed it you can pick one up there.

In that obsessive authorly way, I was surfing the Border's website and they are carrying Bull Rider in a lot of their stores in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Southern California. I didn't find it in Northern California or Washington, Oregon, Montana. Those are big rodeo states, so if you know anyone there, suggest they ask for the book at their local Borders. Maybe we'll get them to expand it beyond the Southwest and Plains states. You are my "buzz team."

I promise to get off of Bull Rider soon enough and back to some other GREAT books I've read lately, but I had to take this detour into self-promotion and self fulfillment. I've been waiting a long time for this month and I'm happy to share a little of it here. Catch the latest interview on Debby Lytton's blog deborahlytton - and look up my FIRST review from California Cowgirl Happy Day!


Vaquerogirl said...

Yeah! Good for you Suz! On EVERYTHING!!

Susan M. Botich said...


I was sooo disappointed that I couldn't make it Saturday to Sundance for the book signing. I came down with bronchitis - YUCK! I still want our Carson City Borders to have you and I'm going to start asking management to consider it as soon as I am well and "back in the saddle." I finished Bull Rider while recuperating and cried tears of joy at the ending. Very inspiring and unexpected. Thank you for writing it and thank you for just being you! (That may sound like Fred Rogers but, you know, he actually said some right on stuff.) Smiles. :-)