Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reading Out Loud

Hi again. I got an e-mail from a high school teacher friend in Wyoming that said a student picked up the copy of Bull Rider that was on her desk and asked to read it. She was pretty excited about that and so am I. AND I know of two of you at least, who are reading Bull Rider to your classes. That got me to thinking I should have one of those online contests - but only for teachers who are reading Bull Rider out loud, or have passed the book on to their students in some way. But there needs to be a great prize. What do you think about half off of a school visit, or an online chat with your students? Let me know. If you are reading this, comment on your favorite prize. If you are a teacher or librarian who is reading Bull Rider out loud or recommending it to students let me know. I'll start the list for the drawing NOW. This will be fun.

On a personal note, our dog Ralph was released from doctor's care following his eye surgery in January. Poor guy had gotten an ulcerated cornea and it wouldn't heal. Dr. Lavash (sp?) in Reno worked miracles and Ralph is back to his old self, sparkling eyes and all.

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