Friday, March 6, 2009

Launch Week for Bull Rider

It seems when you publish a novel you get a launch day and that stretches into a launch week and then a launch month. Best case scenario is a fabulous debut year. Bull Rider's launch started before the official "day" as Amazon shipped copies a few days ahead and I started to get cool e-mails that said people were reading the book. My agent called me on the very day to wish me a happy one, and my husband took me to lunch. I went to Sundance Bookstore, our local Indie, to pick up some copies for a reading at a local school and there was Bull Rider displayed on a prominent rack. I missed it the first time because I was searching the shelves. That was a rush. The book hit several blogs and I did a school visit and then attended the Asilomar SCBWI conference. My editor was speaking and she requested the bookseller stock Bull Rider. They sold out! And I provided some extra copies and THOSE sold out. Yeeha!

So it's been a great week - thanks to all of you who bought, read, and talked up Bull Rider. There are some nice reviews on GoodReads and Amazon too. If you love Bull Rider, you might want to add yours. If you are looking for more good debut novels check out and also More tomorrow!

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