Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reno Rodeo Minutes

So I've spent three days in the indoor arena at the Reno Rodeo selling books with Sundance Books our independent bookstore in Reno. The Sundance folks have been great and are featuring several local authors at their table. I have a great view of the arena from our perch by the restrooms - and have seen a whole lot of drill teams and roping.

Highlights? Getting a signed Reno Rodeo poster from my friend Stephanie Long who painted this year's beautiful artwork which I posted here. Having a young cowboy run up to the table saying, "There it is, Dad." His father explained that they'd just bought Bull Rider for him and then the boy said, "It's really good. I read fifteen chapters last night!" Now that makes my day. There was the older gentleman who tipped his hat to me today, reminding me of my grandfather, and another one who examined Bull Rider and then declared. "Who is this person, Williams. I've never heard of him." So I held out my hand and said, "Pleased to meet you, sir, that would be me." We had a good laugh. There are the parents and sisters of service men and women in Iraq who have said they are glad someone is talking about the war - and the giggly little girls who pick out their books based on the prettiest horses on the cover. It's a pretty good gig.


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

You sound incredibly happy, satisfied, proud... you've worked long and hard to be where you are. I'm so happy for you.

Vaquerogirl said...

That sounds like the best day! I'm so glad it was a fun time- especially the kid reading 15 chapters and the guy wondering who William was! incredible! I hope you have July 25th marked down to come to the Battle of the Barns. Won't be as exciting as the Reno Rodeo, but then nothing ever is!