Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Widget from Class of 2k9

OK, it's a sunny morning and I'm trying to get settled for a DAY of writing and of course I turned on the TV (oh don't laugh) to have some noise while I eat breakfast and there's a piece on summer reading. UNDER the featured book, but seriously spine out and legible is a brand new book by Ann Haywood Leal who is a Class of 2k9 member - Also Known As Harper. That sent me to e-mail her and the group about the serendipidous, if not exactly long, TV appearance and while e-mailing there was a note about our Class of 2k9 blog having a contest. So - I went there (notice no writing yet) and saw that the winner can win a DOZEN Class of 2k9 books including Bull Rider. OK, that's no surprise. I sent it in a while ago for a contest. But this contest is so big and cool. To enter you just leave a comment - maybe how much you love Bull Rider :) and you are entered. To enter twice you can also add the Class of 2k9 Widget. Which I just did. (still not writing - at least on my book). It's happily flashing on my blog and you can use it to speed right over to The Class of 2k9 blog and enter. I'd love for one of you to win!

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